Let's make seafile run on FreeBSD!

Hi there,

can someone explain to me what components of seafile are really needed and how a minimal setup with database (let’s start with sqlite) can be created manually?

I think the bits and pieces are there: The new go-fileserver seems to work after fixing an unsupported syscall. Sqlite, Mysql, Mariadb and all the Python stuff is available. It’s just the startup scripts and this seafile process manager that don’t work.

Thanks for any help.

You are aware that Seafile server and client (both command line and GUI) are already available on FreeBSD ports?
you should be able to just run

pkg install seafile-server

to install the server. You’d then need to follow the instructions it will give.
I operate a number of seafile servers for clients based on FreeBSD and it all works beautifully (including only office, etc.)

Yes, of course I’m aware of that. The port seems broken for seafile 9+. The seafile process manager just hangs without any error message. Libzdb is among the dependencies but is not needed anymore. This alone prevented the build on armv7 for no reason. The go-fileserver is not used at all.

I’d like to improve it but need some starting information. Mind sharing your expertise?

Sure, it definitely does work (seafile 9 I mean). The instances I deployed are used in production, and I am very happy with the current state of the port.
However, I only use it on amd64. (I do not have any arm based devices to play with.)
From my point of view, FreeBSD bugzilla would be the right place to start a discussion of arm compatibility, go usage, etc.
My experience is that Richard (the maintainer of the FreeBSD port) is usually responsive and open to suggestions.

Freebsd bugzilla would have been my second stop-over after I’ve achieved something. I might as well start over there.