Libevhtp version in build script

i’ve noticed that the build script you recommend hardcodes the version number of libevhtp to 1.1.6, while the latest release is 1.2.0 (with 1.1.7 in between). are there any issues or incompatibilities with the most recent version, which was released in 2012?


There is no plan to upgrade to newer versions of libevhtp. There are some subtle difference between these two versions which may cause bugs in Seafile. Now that we have implemented go fileserver, there is no need to upgrade the C fileserver. Users want a more modern http server should use the go fileserver.

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ah, thanks for clearing this up! so if you acivate the go fileserver, can the build of libevhtp (and installing it’s dependencies) be omitted?

Currently there is no option to disable libevhtp and the build of C fileserver component. We’ll update the scripts recently.