"Library deleted on server" error

I have been running a Seafile Pro server for a few years and upgraded from 6.x > 7.x > 8.x >9.0.4 > 9.0.14.

Ubuntu 20.04.5 - SeaFile Pro 9.0.14 - 4 cores - 30% of boot drive used - 16GB RAM - S3 Storage Backend through Wasabi

I am running into issues with the number of files in some folders and slow syncing, so I thought I would try the new Go fileserver. If I turn it on I an unable to sync any folders, instead they show the message “Library Deleted on Server”. I can log in to the web portal and everything is there, I just can’t get the server to sync.

The only error I have found anywhere is when I run this:
python3 ./manage.py runtime

If I run it from seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub it tells me that it can’t find “seaserv”
If i run it from seafile/seafile-pro-server-9.0.14/seahub it tells me that it can’t find django.core.management

I can revert to the old fileserver and it works, it just wont sync my most important folders anymore. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Have you tried accessing the data via webdav or rclone? Maybe at least it will allow you to back it all up?

The data is all there, and if I switch from the go version everything works (except my one folder that is too large) I just want to use the go version of SeaFile server.