Library not found

Help me solve the problem. In web interface I see name of library, but when I open it “Library does not exist.” in System admin it don’t have name (–), but have size, number of files and I can’t do anything with it.
./ --repair don’t help
./ do’t help

In seafile.log I see:
[03/07/21 10:29:22] http-server.c(160): fileserver: worker_threads = 10
[03/07/21 10:29:25] http-server.c(175): fileserver: fixed_block_size = 8388608
[03/07/21 10:29:25] http-server.c(190): fileserver: web_token_expire_time = 3600
[03/07/21 10:29:25] http-server.c(205): fileserver: max_indexing_threads = 1
[03/07/2021 10:29:25] …/common/mq-mgr.c(54): [mq client] mq cilent is started
[03/07/2021 10:29:51] repo-mgr.c(888): Commit c9720f6c-0d9b-446a-8df8-ab088de0c88b:2b21f3575972694695878551fb4ac93360b8624f is missing
[03/07/2021 10:30:04] repo-mgr.c(888): Commit 435fc690-a0c9-4d13-bcb6-cc85bf4d9b27:fa50c60ce3a226ff3bbd497982758043ddf8fbb6 is missing
[03/07/2021 10:30:05] repo-mgr.c(888): Commit 1183a5de-9520-41db-af4c-658764a2e507:50188caaba385201ba163155b2262ebb099af21e is missing

c9720f6c - folder that don’t work
1183a5de - main library

and seaf-fsck doesn’t find anything? Could you post your command + output?

./seaf-fsck --repair

first main library, second folder that damaged

Command ./seaf-gb

Do seaf-fsck --repair

But when I want open directory: Library does not exist and in seafile.log = commit 5851d958 is missing