LibreOffice(Colla...) vs OnlyOffice

Pants down… what are your thoughts on this?
Pretty happy with OnlyOffice so far.

I use OnlyOffice, for me it was easier to use.

I’m using nginx and i’m not getting collabora to work with seafile.

I prefer Collabora as OnlyOffice converts to MS Office formats and I need good LibreOffice formats supports. Additionally, OnlyOffice requires more hardware power. Collabora is hard to setup, but once you get it working is imho the better option.

Any thoughts on limits with the free versions?

I’m using Collabora with Seafile Community Edition. Setup wasn’t that comlicated, but I haven’t tried OnlyOffice.
My Server has a weak processor (Atom), but it’s doing great. Maybe it’s not the fastest.
Recently I tested co-editing, which is good, too. I have not tested complex MS-Office documents, but ods-/odt-files.
There are no disruptive restrictions for me.

BTW, what are the limitations of the Collabora free version? I could not find a feature comparison between it and the paid one. Same question for OnlyOffice (I do not have tried to find a comparison).

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Collabora free version is a development version, without any support.
The payed version is a stable version, with full support.

LibreOffice Online (almost same as Collabora Online Office) is a basic online editor, that use OpenDocument as default format (ISO standard). The backend for this office is a desktop LibreOffice, what is a full featured desktop office suite.

OnlyOffice Online has more features like LibreOffice Online, but the desktop edition is only a basic office suite, and the default format for OnlyOffice is OpenXML (not ISO standard).

If I compare them as complete solution (desktop app and online editing features), and you need complete solution, the winner is LibreOffice.

If you want only basic editing, and don’t care about file format (don’t want to open you documents after few years, don’t care about the same layout on different computers and office version, etc) you can use OnlyOffice.

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Thanks Akoscomp. I have found same info several months ago. But according to it, the difference between paid and free Collabora versions are the support and the fact, that the paid one is more conservative and includes only features, that are tested and proven to work. All in all there is no real difference between Collabora free and paid, right?

Right, I know, that is no real difference.