LibreOffice Online Integration

I have managed to setup the LibreOffice Online integration with Seafile, but now I am a little bit stuck.

When trying to view the file on the share links, it is only working if I set up the share links with editing permissions directly on the file, but not if a user opens the through the share link.

Is there any way of changing these settings so that if they have the share link they can still use the Online office as a file previewer?

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@daniel.pan @Jonathan

Is there any update on this?

Is it possible to set it up so that when someone goes through a share link they are still able to view the files at minimum?

There is no such an option yet. We will record it as a feature request.

@MitchWUK I am trying to setup libre office but not having any luck. I am getting only “Online view is not applicable to this file format” message.

I have follow the steps mention in http s:// but it is not working for me. Is there any extra configuration required? Will really appreciate your help on this

What file types are you trying to view? You may need to add this in to the /opt/seafile/conf/ file as a accepted file type?

Please see my settings below:

Please also ensure that the file type is not listed in the admin settings under the file types there, as it will prioritise that over the LibreOffice Install (had this issue myself):

Thank you @MitchWUK
Both settings are fine but issue is still there.

While looking deeper in log, i found one error in seahub.log file.

2024-04-10 09:43:39,021 [ERROR] seahub.wopi.utils:102 get_wopi_dict HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=861): Max retries exceeded with url: /hosting/discovery (Caused by SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, ‘[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1131)’)))

when I ran the command “curl http s://” in the same machine then it works fine. Don’t know why its giving certificate error above. Sorry I need to write “http s” instead of https as it is not allowing to have link in post.


Did you follow the documentation where you apply the SSL to the docker instance for Libre?

I’ll send through my Nginx configuration and Docker compose settings for you so you have something to reference.

@MitchWUK Thank you for your help. I managed to resolve the issue now, it was my certificate issue. I have re-generated it and it works fine now.