Libsearpc: need a numbered release with python3 support


Last immutable release of libsearpc is rather old: 3.0.7
3.0.7 does not work with python3 OOTB, and python2’s EOL is ongoing.

This become annoying (as a packager for VoidLinux distribution), because an immutable/numbered tarball release of source is essential to packaging it: well known version, immutable source code version.
It also flagged by project as a “enough good” code source to be widely used.

floating release like v3.1-latest can’t be used for packaging: corresponding tarball source is changing from time to time, that leads to unpredictable behaviour of generated package, and makes impossible to rely on source version, since its fingerprint (sha*) is changing.

Do you plan to generate such a release soon ?

Many thanks for seafile, such an amazing software !


Both issues bug me for the Debian packaging, too. :wink:

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I am the packager of seafile for fedora and I also would like for a new numbered release of libsearpc.

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+1 as the packager for Solus.

No reply from seafile maintener but a new version 3.1.0 has been released.
python3 support: still need patch on pysearpc/ (keyword except need counterpart as)