Lifetime of an upload link?


we are migrating our OwnCloud based cloud solution to Seafile. Part of the effort is to implement script based synchronization from and to our QNAP NAS. Scripts will be called daily by cron.

We are using the Seafile WebAPI by a number of cURL calls. Now when uploading some 300 Files from the NAS to the Seafile instance with ~ 120Mb each it takes some time with our infrastructure. The script fetches an upload link and loops over a list if files to upload. But after 1 to 2 hours I see that the server issues an “access denied” error. When restarting the script. it works again.

I am suspecting that the upload link provided by the server has a limited lifetime. Is that correct? If so, is there a way to specify that lifetime?

Thanks , Martin

Yes, as this Announcement said, in the Seafile Pro Edition 6.0.3 (or Seafile CE Edition 6.0.6), you can make web access token expiring time configurable by adding

# Set uploading time limit to 3600s 

to seafile.conf.

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Thanks a lot, lian!
In our case that means to upgrade or get a fresh token with every file. :+1:

Best , Martin

Thanks so far. Does this setting also affect the lifetime of a download token?

Please answer this question: how can I make lifetime of a download token?