Link to docker-compose.yml in the manual is broken 😒

Hi everybody,

while following the upgrade tutorial for Seafile Pro 6.3 to 7, I had to find out that the link to the example docker-compose.yml at the very end of this really long post is broken.

  • So my first question: is it the same file as for the CE version (because this link does work)?
  • And maybe also someone from Seafile is reading this and could be so kind to fix the broken link.

The broken link is:

And it appears in:

  • /published/seafile-manual/docker/pro-edition/
  • /published/seafile-manual/docker/pro-edition/

Thanks a lot.


P.S. Sorry for the relative links, but the system would not let me post full links…

Thanks for reporting the issues. They are fixed now.


Thanks for the fast response. :+1: