Live photos support for iOS

Is it possible to support live photos for iOS devices? Currently I’ve been using Google Photos and that works perfect. But I’d like to use Seafile since I’ll have larger space on my own disk.

Is Google supporting Life Photos? Thought it’s something propretairy.

Yep. And Apple also posted “LivePhotosKit JS” so that live photos can be used on other websites.

License Compatibility?

That I’m not sure. I looked at the license page, it looks like it’s some common Apple Developer’s license. Is that compatible?

Can you post me the link(to the Programm)? Then I’ll check it. I think it’s compatible with the Apache License of the iOS App, but if you need the software for in the core or the WebUI, you’ll get incompatibilities.

The link is (I can’t post links directly). It’s just the javascript that views the Live Photos. But it also explains how to upload the live photos to people’s website. So I think it’s probably doable to upload Live Photos on iOS devices according to its explanation.

The Kit is for viewing them, but you must have something to export them to this .mov files. Apple made this software for iTunes, maybe they don’t provide a API for it. This API have to be integrated. But they would never use some external shit like this LivePhotoKit JS for viewing them, this would make their software dependent.