Login logs only audit web client logins

Hi, I’m trying to monitor logins of users and I saw that only web client logins are monitored within the logs panel (and the db itself within sysadmin_extra_userloginlog table in seahub_db)

when a user logs in from the gui client no log is written (logs, db, access log).
Is it possible to change it with different configuration or is it a bug?

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Does someone has an answer?

Currently the login only log web client logins. For clients, it is managed via “Devices”. You can see the list of connected devices and last connection time.

Do you know where can I find it in the database?

EDIT: Found it in seahub_db.api2_tokenv2

Thank you anyway!

another problem- I found how to monitor logins into the GUI client, but how can I monitor failed logins into this client