Long paths & filename on Windows 11 Seadrive are not uncached from local

tldr; I was wrong. WinDirStat was reporting file on disk incorrectly for long paths. SeaDrive was clearing files correctly.

New user to Seafile, have upgrade to recent Docker CE 9.04 on Ubuntu Server 20.04 and Windows 11 Seadrive Client 2.0.19.

I have a number of large libraries >1.5 TB (~5TB total). First sync for all the libraries was via seaf-cli on the backup HDD also running on the server.

When using Seadrive on W11 client, Seadrive downloads and keeps all files with long paths and filenames on the computer. Even if I set the cache size to 1GB, these files are not unsynced (uncached? not sure how to say).

Is the only solution to rename my files or is this a bug in Seadrive?


Can you find some error message in seadrive.log? You can find the log files per this FAQ: Seafile FAQ & Known-Issues

Argh Sorry! I think I am wrong!
I couldn’t find an error message, and then I noticed the size on disk was 0 bytes.

I was using WinDirStat to view the files, but now I think it was WinDirStat that was reporting the files incorrectly for the long paths! Just downloaded WizTree and scanned again, and it looks like WinDirStat was the problem not SeaDrive!

Sorry for wasting time!