Lost datas on seafile 6.3.4

I don’t know if this problem is client or server side, I let you decide, after reading.

Client : Windows 10 with Seafile Client
Server : community edition 6.3.4 on Debian 10.2

On the client, I wanted to replace Seafile Client by SeaDrive. There was many librarys synchronized by the client, so I desynchronized them before deleting local folders.

A few minutes after that, I discover that 4 librarys were deleted on the server. Ok, I think I deleted local folder too quickly after desync, my bad, I found 3 of the deleted librarys in the trashin and I could easily recovered them.

But for one of them, the biggest, most of the files and files had disappeared (around 70Go), nothing in the trash…ooops, it’s a serious data loss… I’m trying seaf-fsck.sh on the library, exit with OK status, but no datas recovered… I wasn’t expecting a miracle here.

Finally I had to restore datas from a backups.

Question is, how is it possible to bypass the trashbin ?!