Mac client disk space

I have SeaDrive v0.9.1, but the same was happening with v0.9.0.

the ~/.seadrive directory is huge, so much so it has filled the free space on my laptop. This looks like a different local folder than the SeaDrive folder the Finder creates under my Favourites section (disappears if the app is not running).

  1. How can I remove / manage it?
  2. Can I move it to an external drive?

In this directory SeaDrive Caches your files. Isn’t there a option to delete the cache ?

i don’t see any option. Am I missing something, or is it somewhere else?


Maybe into the settings, I don’t use SeaDrive on any system, so my experience with SeaDrive is from the first days and I don’t know if this is possible. Maybe you should take a look what’s into the folder and decide what to clear.

The cache that Seadrive uses is minimal. I have over 250 GB on my server, and Seadrive only uses 4.7 GB of space on the client.

Which folder under ~/.seadrive/data uses the most space? Is that the file-cache folder? How large is it and what’s your cache size limit in the settings dialog?

In seadrive.log, can you find “Cleaning cache space” messages in recent logs? What does it say?