Mac client sync error

Hi, I installed on our first new Macbook the Client for Mac 7.0.5. Installation was easy, I can login and see all the folders. I tried to sync one folder to the Mac and get the error: Failed to establish secure connection. Please check server SSL certificate.Its working on our Windows Clients without any problems. I checked the SSL certification an can’t find any problems. Any idea?

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What kind of a SSL-certificate do you use? A self-signed one? If yes, disable SSL-verification in the client’s settings.

It works GREAT 1000 thx

It is a bad solution to disable SSL verification, though.

Agreed, but it’s the only solution with self-signed certificates. Tom992 didn’t say what kind of a certificate he uses.

I have the same issue on my Mac.

However, we do not use a self signed certificate but rather one which is signed by our own root CA. That CAs certificated is imported in to my macOS keychain and set to being trusted. I can access for example Websites identified with certificates signed by this CA with Google Chrome or Safari without getting a security notice.

Does Seafile use it’s own set of trusted root CAs?

I use the Seafile client 7.0.8.