Mac OS Client CPU Usage

My battery on my Mac hasn’t been last almost all day like it normally does, and I’ve noticed my fan running at a higher RPM than normal so I started looking at what was using energy and its reporting the Seafile is using a lot of CPU even while not syncing which would explain my issues. Any one else run into this?

Mac OS 10.12.3
Seafile Client - 6.0.4

@daniel.pan Can you offer any possible fixes? I have uninstalled the client. Removed the hidden files, listed in anther thread, rebooted, and reinstalled the client.

Can you see something special in the logs?

The finder integration uses a lot of CPU as long as you have finder windows open within the Seafile folder. Close those and cpu utilization goes down again.

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That’s the reason I disabled the Finder extension, as the CPU usage (which increases per Finder window) is completely nuts …

Notice Sophos is running.