Mac OS+ Win client problem

Hi, i have some mac users, if this user create a file or folder with a non windows permitted character (ex / : etc) ,
seafile permit mac user to create and sync, at this point,win client download this file and replace this character with other and reupload this file.
This make a loop and consume more and more space an files are not in sync between mac and win…

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:joy:, I just love these problem.

Maybe there is a character missing. Normally the Windows clients skips those files.

At least according to Path and Windows reserved characters and and

Here is also some important information missing: Which Seafile Client version? Is it only the : or are there other characters the issue arises? (keep in mind the correct behavior is to not sync those files to windows at all)

Version Windows client 6.1.8
Versione Mac client 6.1.8
How to reproduce:

  1. The Mac creates a folder or file with invalid winning character. Windows does not download this folder and the client gives an error.
  2. A user accesses the web interface and renames a folder with a character
  3. at this point, the windows client downloads the folder but also the client mac downloads the folder instead of renaming it only.
  4. At this point the client mac has 2 folders, the original with invalid characters, and the one with valid characters, the client re-uploads the folder with invalid characters
    and the windows client returns to having the error one as it can not download it.
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And when you add more files does the Windows Client still download them?

@daniel.pan this very much looks like a bug with the client (at least mac).

Yes, if no invalid character in name windows client download correctly