MacOS client cache fills local disk

So, using the latest client on my MacBook and synchronising a folder on an external NVME SSD. The cache at/Users/“username”/Seafile/.seafile-data/storage/blocks/“blockid” isn’t writing out to the SSD fast enough so the local drive fills until everything gets a bit stressed.

As a possible workaround, I disabled auto-sync on the client but the cache continued to increase in size until I disconnected the network cable at which point the cache reduced while the files were written out to the disk. When the cache stopped reducing in size and the drive stopped flashing its activity lights, I plugged the network cable in and re-enabled auto-sync.

This is less than ideal, as I think the whole operation starts all over again.

A potential solution would be to symlink the cache for that blockid directory to the destination drive. Has anyone tried this? Or is there a way to hard limit the cache size without causing the client to fail?