macOS SeaDrive Finder Error -36


we are using SeaDrive in our business for our main data storage. We experience a Finder Error -36 very often when dragging and dropping / copying files from Seadrive to a local folder on our mac.
Running the latest macOS and using Seadrive 2.0.26 (with a newer Version of macfuse.fs inside, but the error happened even before without a modified Version). We are not using Seadrive 3 because of the Drag&Drop behaviour that basically cuts files and removes them from the server.

It starts copying and shows a notification of Seadrive “starting to download file xyz” and then at some point it stops and the copy progress window shows Error -36. I attached a screenshot in german, it basically says ‘Finder could not complete this progress because some Data in “xyz.mp4” couldn’t be read or written (Error -36)’

I could not find any help related to seadrive for this, maybe someone can help?



There could be some problem fetching the files from the server. You can check seadrive.log.

We’d suggest you to upgrade to 3.0 version in the future, as the 2.0 version is no longer maintained and may not work in the future as macOS updates itself. The “Drag&Drop” behavior you mentioned is a normal behavior on macOS. If you drag&drop any local file from one folder to another, it’s interpreted as cut not copy.