Maintain file name after upload

Hello all,

I would like to ask you something about the file names. When I upload a file to my server and I try to find it in the filesystem it uses a different name and random folder name too… Is it possible to change it? I would like to maintain it.
If I upload an img named test.jpg in my library “folder1” I would like to find it in seafile_data/folder1/test.jpg

Is it possible?

Hi Javier,
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum.
When you upload a file to Seafile, the file name is not changed - at least not in the frontend. An image xyz.jpg upload to a library repo1 is available under its name in this very repo. I encourage you to test this yourself.

It is a different story in the backend. Seafile does not store files in the backend as files. Seafile breaks a file up in blocks and saves files as blobs. As a consequence, you will never be able to find an image xyz.jpg saved as such in the seafile_data folder.

This cannot be changed unless you put an axe to the way Seafile stores and manages files.

Before you ask: Yes, this makes sense. Thanks to this approach, Seafile is great at versioning, deduplication, delta sync,…

Hmmm understood. My question was related with the backend thanks :slight_smile:
There is any tuto about how to change it?

It cannot be changed.

I know I’m really late to this conversation, but you might want to check out the FUSE extension. It allows you to mount your files (read-only) in a folder on your system. I do this because I have a Plex media server that reads from what I have stored in Seafile.