[Manual]Add how you can unlock admin account?

I did find something that can happen to everyone, the admin account did get frozen due to a hacker attempt.
But in the manual it don’t say how to unlock the admin account if this happens?
This should bee a importen thing to have in the manual.

At first the account was frozen and now it’s deactivated.
I’ll get home soon and then I’ll try if the reset-admin.sh works for this issue.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Maybe you can create a new admin using the reset-admin.sh script and login with the new admin account to reactivate the old admin account?

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I did just choose my admin account during the reset script and everything did work perfectly.

So I can confirm that this don’t delete your data, and that’s something that should bee in the manual for a example.

How can I write / add stuff to the manual?

You can submit a pull request (PR) on Github at github.com/haiwen/seafile-docs

You can do it over database.

ccnet-db -> EmailUser -> change column is_active to 1 on row with your admin.

I did try it but it seem that I can’t do that.
I know some stuff that should bee corrected in the manual, like the fix for the fail2ban filter etc.

Can you guide me trough it?

The link for the reset-admin.sh is:

  1. Create account on github.
  2. Create Fork of haiwen/seafile-docs
  3. Edit file
  4. Commit changes
  5. Create pull request from /Seafile-Docs



If I run this reset on my machine i get the error

File “/srv/seafile-pro-server-9.0.9/pro/python/seafevents/tasks/repo_old_file_auto_del_scanner.py”, line 29, in _prepare_seahub_dir
raise RuntimeError(‘seahub_dir is not set’)

Can anyone help?

Didn’t you fix your problem yourself? See Cant reset admin using ./reset-admin.sh - #2 by JohnnyD