Manual Uninstall

I have messed up my SeaDrive install, and now only get a “SeaDrive exited unexpectedly” error message when I try to launch the application.

Please provide instructions so that I can completely remove the client configs and data so that I can start from scratch.

How comfortable are you with editing the registry?

Apologies, on Mac. Though happy enough with registry or terminals, for what its worth.

However, following a reboot, SeaDrive was still configured to start on boot / login. When it did, I got the initial configuration screen. It seems to have logged in now and behaving as it did before.

Because of the way it integrates with the OS, whether Mac or Windows, it’s a good idea to reboot after an install or uninstall. Glad you got it working.


I’m having problems with the uninstall of seadrive 1.0.1 on windows 10…
The uninstall process always fail.
How can I proceed?

After fail to upgrade on some VMs with Windows 10 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 - the installer bitches. After spend some hour to get the correct registry entry following working:
On cmd-console (granted as admin) type:

msiexec /x {210D8860-21E3-4A3C-A952-DD44A497BA82}

after this “uninstall”, reboot and he starts the ‘uninstall’ progress again. Select “uninstall” and uninstall is successfully completed. Now you I could install 1.0.4 .