Matrix community support channel



my second home server project after a Seafile server was about providing an own instant messenger and I ended up using matrix (which combines the freedom of XMPP with the look&feel of Slack, just not proprietary / centralized but as federated network like XMPP… some would call it a “hipster IRC” :wink: ). I run a matrix node since several months and just wondered if there is a Seafile channel in the matrix universe but didn’t found anything Seafile related.

Although I think that a forum like this is the much better way for supporting the community in long term a messenger based platform can be something “nice to have” so I founded a channel which you can find under with your matrix client.
The channel / room can be visited as guest as well using a web app, for example:

The channel has a RSS bot providing Seafile news.

See you!

@Seafile devs: The description of the channel indicates that it is an unofficial community channel but if there are any problems that I use the Seafile logo just let me know and will change it. Although let me know If you (maybe one day) want to take over the channel, I just founded it because I didn’t found any existing one (there is no problem changing the channel address later).