Maximum number of files exceeded

Please, can you help me to fix my problem. I’m trying to upload more than 500 files and i get an error message " maximum number of files exceeded". As it was written in the forum i changed maxNumberOfFiles to 5000 but the error is still happens.

For normal file browser page, the value is hard encoded in a javascript file. The file is compiled and minimised together with other js files. The result file is seahub/media/assets/scripts/dist/main.d43fb2e46e23.js for version 5.1.11 (for different version, the random number d43fb2e46e23 is different).

Open the file and search for string maxNumberOfFiles:500 . Replace the number 500 with a number you like.

For folder upload link page, the value is controlled by view_shared_upload_link.html#L107 as in the forum thread. Just replace the number 500 with a number you like.

In version 6.0, we will make the number configurable by a setting in

the link of pavel dont work!
there is no string max_Number…500
in there is only a secret key !!!

I just got too

Is this still a limitation ?

My Seafile/seafile-server-latest/seahub/media/assets/scripts/dist/main.ef770bfc0231.js

has the field but no number

Why isn’t this settable via the web on the admin page ???

You can config it in

# Max number of files when user upload file/folder.
# Since version 6.0.4

Yeah I finally found a thread that informed me of that. I changed it to 5000 and rebooted the server.

Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work.

It truly is a shame that these types of setting ( are not in a web configuration screen with an apply button to re-start the services

Thanks Lian for the reply

Did you change max files upload in your apache, nginx settings?

Try to think … would you like that no one said that to you and you just change settings and it restart your whole service …?
Do you really think that’s best practice? Before start hating think about problem. If seafile start doing this s**t I will stop using that. For example I change settings and setup service restart to 01:00 AM where no user using.

Or better way. Seafile is open source, go and change what you want, then compile it and deploy.

You can also try clearing the browser cache.

Good point the web interface should encompass an apply button and if a restart is necessary for the parameter being changed it should ask restart now or schedule it for a later time …

Thanks - I copy the directories piecemeal so I would hit the limit but I will retry after browser cache clear