Memcached alternative for Windows


I will start off with asking, has anyone been successful with installing memcached for Windows?

If not then I have an idea and wonder if I might have something here…

When reading the guide for Linux regarding memcached deployment, I see that the cache is pointed using the following script:
‘default’: {
‘BACKEND’: ‘django_pylibmc.memcached.PyLibMCCache’,

I was wondering for Windows, since location is being declared, can I change the location without having to install memcached and define the location as a being on a separate volume (In my case I would be using a RAM disk volume.)

I use this configuration for Transcoding on Plex Server since it drastically increases the speed for creating transcoded media for streaming.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

One does not simply run windows server or anything else than games on windows. Please use Linux :slight_smile:

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Lol, okay that comment did not help but a funny jab for sure.

If you want anything productive and with good response time you should go for Linux in the case of Seafile.
Maybe the Linux subsystem for Windows can be of help for memcached.

Thanks for the advice. I did find a windows compiled version, just have not had the time to install it just yet. Will report my findings here once I have something.

Maybe this could help you

I was able to find an easy way to install memcached but I was not able to find a version of libmemcached that would work with windows. Without this, I cannot install pylibmc or django-pylibmc. If anyone comes across one, let me know. Otherwise, it looks like my quest has come to an end at trying to get this to work.

Thank you @Poweredge for giving me giving me that advice but I could not make any use of it for this.

It is hard running an all Windows environment at times…

Good morning, sorry for the late…

Maybe trying this: