Migrate Seafile from one server v6.0.8 to another one v6.1.4 same Linux version 16.04


We need to migrate our Seafile v6,.0.8 to a different server with version 16.1.4, what are the important things that I need to consider?, is there any documentation about that or some guidelines?, we will use the same Linux OS (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bits) and Mysql 5.7.

Thanks in advance,
Alonso Melendez

You may have a look at this https://manual.seafile.com/maintain/backup_recovery.html

Thanks a lot Marcus for your help!

I advise you to use MariaDB.
Mysql is no longer the default database on debian 9.
MariaDB is open source software.
It uses as Mysql, the commands are the same

After migrate the databases and the data, I applied some upgrades in the database that are coming in the upgrade section, this is because one field changed in size, one field was added to a table and two tables were added, everything is working fine I am able to login, I can see the files but when I am trying to upload files I am receiving “Unknown error”, in the Chrome I can see the following error in console: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Thanks in advance,
Alonso Melendez

Please look at your logs (Seafile and web server)

If possible post the last output and the content of the config files (remove passwords etc)

Hi Marcus,

I commented the following line in the file /conf/seahub_settings.py :


With this change it is working fine now, but I am still confused.


You use a domain name with HTTPS or not ?
Is what you use Nginx as reverse proxy?
Here is my config:
SERVICE_URL = http://cloud.example.com:8000 (ccnet.conf)
FILE_SERVER_ROOT https://cloud.example.com/seafhttp


Currently we are testing the migration from v6.0.8 to v6.1.4 in a local server for that we still not using https but when we validate that the migration is working fine we will use https and nginx.


So it’s normal to use an IP address on FILE_SERVER_ROOT during your test. Good continuation