Missing Files [ Server Pro 8.0.8 ]

I realized yesterday that I have several hundred files missing from my Seafile server. Complete directories are gone - 2 to 3 of them. I have checked everywhere – and I cannot find any loging on these; but I see all kinds of other logging activities. There are not other users; just myself internally in my house. I have checked the Library:

root@7309e60e4cbd:/opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest# ./seaf-fsck.sh -r 9a63661f-952b-4dbe-83dc-7b682d91ee3b

Starting seaf-fsck, please wait ...

2021-10-10 11:19:39 fsck.c(610): Running fsck for repo 9a63661f-952b-4dbe-83dc-7b682d91ee3b.
2021-10-10 11:19:39 fsck.c(435): Checking file system integrity of repo IntraLibraryLoans(9a63661f)...
2021-10-10 23:21:04 fsck.c(674): Fsck finished for repo 9a63661f.

seaf-fsck run done

Odd thing also - through the web interface, it showed one of them - but you couldn’t travcerse to it (cuz it was gone) – what can be the cause of this? Any ideas where to look? I believe I have lost these files, and sadly - cuz they were on a raided filesystem, I didn’t consider backing them up - never worried about litteral deletion of them. They’re irreplaceable and I’m a bit at a loss atm… Hopefully someone has an idea got checking in the DB tables.

I appreciate anyone time and ideas on this one.

Did you check the snapshots of the library in which you had these files/directories?

If - for example due to problem with the client - data was deleted, you’ll see this in the history. And, here are the good, you’ll be able to recover the data.

If data was deleted, you’ll find it in the snapshot history. I’ve never heard/seen a case when data was deleted without corresponding log in the snapshot history.

I’m checking; I went through the logs, and I saw nothing…

OK - so I just saw the ‘Activities’ tool, and i found one of my folders showing up as “Deleted”. I have no clue how I managed to do that – so 2 folders (that I know about so far)/

Ok, so I think since I found in the Activity log, it’s in the “snapshot history”? I looked every where just to be certain andI don’t see a snapshot history object. Great news, sounds like I can get it back you think? I’m going to check manuals now - but if you have advice on moving that forward, please let me know.

Thanks!! I was sweating it a little.

Please see here: Library history and snapshots - Seafile User Manual

Do not run the garbage collector until you’ve recovered the files.

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Ok, but in THAT listing, I can’t find the transaction.
Where see it, is on the main page - under activity; what’s the difference? Ideas?

BTW - I don’t think I new about history and the snapshots, so that’s great!.. hopfully.

OK, I see i have some transactions with multiple objects, I’m betting it’s in one of those.

Wow, think I found it. I have not clue what happened. Deleted 80 directories,… not sure the volume of files. Can you image scenarious where this can happen - on this scale?

The only time I saw a mass deletion event like yours was with an early version of the SeaDrive client. There are reports here in the forum (roughly a year ago).

But the problem was fixed and I haven’t see/heard any such reports any more.

Do you use SeaDrive? Which version?

Could your recover your files?

Hola @rdb Thanks for checking back and helping me with this. Sorry I was slow to respond. I was able to restore everything. Sadly it appears it’s happened again.

I need validate that it’s happened again, and I’ll confirm that ASAP. I dunno if you have idea about how to chase this down?

The web ui to replacing a large number of items is not a fun process. I dunno if I can bypass that and do it via the db or something? Otherwise, that’s a bummer.

I can confirm that I was able to resore the files.
I mistakenly thought I had another; i migfht have looked a a old page that hadn’t been refreshed. I have no evidence of anything further.

It would be nice to ID what was the root cause. Ideas?

Glad to hear!

Yeah, just can’t thank you enough for helping me sort quickly… I suspect I only use a SMALL portion of the software functionality. I also bet, I need to clean those up before too long?