Missing folder locally with SeaDrive

We are currently testing Seafile Pro at my company (we have a trial license for 33 users). Today someone brought to my attention that she was missing a folder locally that was present trough the web UI. I checked in someone else’s computer and the folder was there so it’s not a generalized problem.

Can someone help me figure out what happened? Is there a way to resync that folder without having to sync all the libraries?

got the same problem a few hours ago

Hello @jmartin, which version of seadrive are you using under which platform?

Everyone is using SeaDrive 3.0.6 for Windows, and the server is running a dockerized version of Seafile Pro 10.0.9

Hi, does this folder contain characters that windows cannot synchronize? You can try renaming this folder on the server and then see if the directory can be successfully synchronized.

No, there are no such characters. The folder has synchronized on various computers, there is just one computer where its not synched. Thanks

Are other folders successfully syncing/updating? SeaDrive sometimes likes to crash and then not start again, so it could be that no syncing at all is happening.

Seadrive also has a log, maybe you could have a look there.

You can send the client’s log files to support@seafile.com. We can help with this issue.

Ok, soy I just spoke to the person that was having the issue to get the log from her client and apparently the issue has resolved itself, the folder appeared a couple of days latter. I don’t understand well what happened because when the issue was brought to my attention the client was working and the rest of the folders were syncing. Thanks for al the help