Missing Uploads

I wanted to know if someone can please help.

I use Drive Client for Windows to sync my files to the server.
I pasted close to 1tb of files in my folder so they would upload to the seafile server.
The files show they have been upload and are no longer on the PC, but I can’t find them online.

I see them in the windows folder with a cloud icon, but not through the browser. I click on the file to open it and get the following error

Would anyone have any ideas? I really need these files back.

Another thing I found was that I have the seadrive cache folder located on the s: drive. but the seadrive folder under my windows user has over 300gb of data in it. I don’t know what that’s from either.

Its like its syncing the files to my seadrive folder on my user folder on my c drive instead of the cloud

Which version do you use? In some older versions there was a bug that files not yet uploaded will be cleaned up by auto cache file cleaning routine.

I’m using Drive Client for Windows 2.0.26


Can you send the seadrive.log file to support@seafile.com?

i wonder if someone helped you with this in pm