Mobile client camera upload repeats

Hi all,

While using the SeafilePro iPhone app with camera upload, there are times when I open the app to find that it re-syncs all of my photos - not just the new ones - and they are freshly uploaded to the server, not deleted. Sometimes this happens after a server reboot/update, but often it is unrelated. Is there a setting I can or need to adjust to fix this, or is it a purposeful feature of the camera upload?


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I noticed the same behaviour: Photo upload in iOS client - issues with timestamp and upload procedure :thinking:

Same here:

Camera Upload re-uploads - count in settings goes from 1 to “all of them”

I use the camera upload feature in iOS.

I have 1258 pictures on the phone.

I open the seafile ios app and look at the settings page for camera upload. Normally I see “1 photo remaining” if I take one photo.

Problem is that sometimes I see the count go from 1 to 1258. It doesn’t duplicate the pictures, although I think it updates the updated-at timestamp on the server.
This has happened about 4 times in the past few months.

What makes this frustrating is that the app must be open to complete this psuedo upload of all the pictures again. if the app is not open and in the forefront, the upload is stopped, possibly by iOS pushing it to the background.
This happens every day - many times.

Then, even worse is that the count sometimes doesn’t go down, so I then close the app in the app switcher. I re-open the Seafile app and go to the settings page and then the count begins to decrease again.
This happens about once a week, likely more, but I don’t open the app every day.

Any ideas how to correct this?