Mount external SMB storage location to Seafile - Docker Compose

I have deployed seafil via docker compose on ubuntu using the docker compose below. I wish to add an external SMB share to seafile to use for a library on an location other than where im storing my docker compose apps and in none block storage.


  • Reasoning for this is converting 20+ tb of data in block storage is quite a scary concept - I need to have access to the files as normal storage type from the server not just the clients.
  • The nvme where im storing the seafile config data (and all my other docker compose apps in my vm) doesnt have room for storing my media i wish to sync and moving this whole app directory to the location where the data is seems archaic.
  • Requiring me to use seafile as my ownly file host as i wouldnt be able to read the server storage in any other way other than seafile tech seems dangerous, ive had seafile break on me before.
  • I would like to have other services such as pingvin, filebrowser and nextcloud access the same data as seafile

docker compose

    image: mariadb:10.11
    container_name: seafile-mysql
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=PASSWORD# Requested, set the root's password of MySQL service.
      - MYSQL_LOG_CONSOLE=true
      - /docker/seafile/mysql-db:/var/lib/mysql  # Requested, specifies the path to MySQL data persistent store.
      - seafile-net

    image: memcached:1.6.18
    container_name: seafile-memcached
    entrypoint: memcached -m 256
      - seafile-net
    image: seafileltd/seafile-mc:latest
    container_name: seafile
      - "9080:80"
#     - "443:443"  # If https is enabled, cancel the comment.
      - /docker/seafile/data:/shared
#      - /mnt/Personal_Library:/shared/seafile/seafile-data/Personal_Library:rw
      - /mnt/Personal_Library:/shared/seafile/seafile-data/storage/blocks/87c1e89a-71c9-463d-b73e-d56b72dbca05
#      - /mnt/Personal_Library:/shared/seafile/seafile-data
      - DB_HOST=db
      - DB_ROOT_PASSWD=PASSWORD# Requested, the value should be root's password of MySQL service.
      - TIME_ZONE=Europe/London  # Optional, default is UTC. Should be uncomment and set to your local time zone.
      - # Specifies Seafile admin user, default is ''.
      - SEAFILE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=PASSWORD# Specifies Seafile admin password, default is 'asecret'.
      - SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT=false   # Whether to use https or not.
      - # Specifies your host name if https is enabled.

      - db
      - memcached
      - seafile-net


what ive tried so far
I have mounted with full read and write access the location which i would like to use as a library however

      - /docker/seafile/data:/shared
#      - /mnt/Personal_Library:/shared/seafile/seafile-data/Personal_Library:rw
      - /mnt/Personal_Library:/shared/seafile/seafile-data/storage/blocks/87c1e89a-71c9-463d-b73e-d56b72dbca05
#      - /mnt/Personal_Library:/shared/seafile/seafile-data

Trouble shooting

  • i have checked that the mount point is owned by seafile
  • i have accessed the container to see if the library mount i added is visible and mounted and that i can edit the files seen in the library (and make new files)
  • i have tried mounting to an existing library ID however the existing data in the folder was not visible but new block data could be added by making new files in the gui.
  • i have tried tried using seafile cli commands to mount a library ID to the storage location but the cli commands were not recognised;

i am slightly confused by how data can maintain its format within the storage locations on my windows machine

root@329a3e6c192b:/opt/seafile# seaf-cli attach -l 94fd6142-a7ff-411b-8249-a6354580ff73 /opt/seafile/seafile-data/Person
bash: seaf-cli: command not found
  • ive tried editing the conf file to change the loction of the existing data however this didnt work either, there is no location defined in the conf file.

Seafile stores data in blocks. Either accept that and use seafile or dont.

Just mounting a random folder / share into one of Seafile’s blocks is a bad idea. Don’t do that.

If you want to store the blocks somewhere specific on your host, you can add a mount /mnt/my-preferred-location:/shared/seafile/seafile-data/storage. But make sure to copy the contents first.

If you need some other application to read the data on your server, you can use FUSE extension - Seafile Admin Manual to mount your server contents.

Hi there, thanks for replying. apolgies for the slow response, i wasnt notified that there was activity on this thread.

  • ive read the documentation but dont fully grasp what FUSE extension is, do i need another app to view the mount with my data in?
  • can i share the mountpoint that FUSE produces with SMB and then access this share using a windows machine as an example?