Mount SMB to SeaFile?

We are trialing Seafile Pro and were wondering if there is any way to mount a SMB share as a Library in Seafile. At this point all our company files are on a file-server and shared via SMB.

Mounting an SMB share is not possible.

Only option would be to install Seafile Client or Cli on the SMB Server and sync the data with a Seafile library.

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Hi @shoeper,

I posted a similar idea here Sync Seafile with Active Directory server

I’m not sure it is a good idea : do you please have any opinion on it ?



I think it should work very well. Make sure to set a large enough inotify limit on the server. I’d also propose to not always use the latest client version, but one being out for a few month without possibly new bugs.

To see whether there are any issues you’d have to build some solution yourself I think (e.g. scripts to integrate in your monitoring).

Where do you find such settings (on the Seafile client installed on the remote AD server or on the Seafile server itself) ?
Thank you for the tips, i’ll try them when i’ll get some new skills on development :confused: