Move a native Seafile Installation into a docker installation


I have a native Seafile Server running on Ubuntu 16.04.
I would like to move this into a fresh Docker Installation.

I am using this as a guideline.

My steps were:

  1. From native Server Installation:
    • Export Databases
    • Copy Data Directory
  2. in Docker Server
    • Start up an initial docker image
    • Import / overwrite existing databases with the data from native server
    • Overwrite the seafile-data folder contents in the docker installation with the data from the server (the folder that contains the commits, storage, tmpfiles folders)
  3. Build the Docker Server again
    • Stop and remove initial Docker server
    • Build it again.

This does not seem to be the way what else would I need to overwrite.

Or is there a problem with the mysql data import/overwrite?

Has anyone done this before already?

Greetings, Chris

I wouldn’t do a change so far. It’s not sure how well the docker image will be supported in the feature.

So far it has always been behind regarding updates and there also is no patch strategy meaning that whenever there is a security fix for an Ubuntu package it will be missing.

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Thanks shoeper

These concerns make lots of sense.

I am getting more and more into docker and maybe it makes sense to start my own docker-compose Seafile docker image.

My main reason for having Seafile running in docker is the simple way of backing up, the possibility to simply test updates before applying them to production and last but nit least to have several Seafile servers running on a single root server.

But I am not there yet to do this myself.

Let’s see :wink: