Move files to Seafile on server

I’m not sure how to word a more concise title. But basically I have a large amount of backup data on my server which also runs Seafile. Is there an easy way to “move” these files into the seafile database so I can access them that way? I don’t want to have to download all the data and then use my windows client to re-upload them

Edit: I want to add to the solution that migrating through WebDav can create an issue where Seafile creates about 50-1000 times more FS objects than it needs which can make backing up your Seafile data impossible. You’d either have to run the FS garbage collector with Seafile Pro or sync using a conventional client

You can mount your Seafile libraries via WebDAV and then copy the data directly. But haven’t done it myself. Don’t know how well the WeDAV interface can handle bulk uploads. Worth a try though.

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Just tried it and it works perfectly thanks a bunch!!