Move folder between library

Hi there,

I am running Seafile CE within docker. I am currently on Server Version: 7.1.4. (this should be the latest version avail from docker repository).

I am trying to move data from one library to another (same user). When I do it fails with a " Failed to copy …" error. I can successfully copy/move data within the same library but not across libraries…

The “Seafile.log” shows the below:

[09/01/2020 08:47:53 AM] ../common/block-backend-fs.c(359): Failed to link /opt/seafile/seafile-data/storage/blocks/6a38da80-d655-446e-b805-3d84404f8769/87/8d58604d23230c0c2ce8a0295b65e51d7d6ae7 to /opt/seafile/seafile-data/storage/blocks/1a459a3d-ea5c-48b2-b5b3-eeedf1462562/87/8d58604d23230c0c2ce8a0295b65e51d7d6ae7: Function not implemented.

[09/01/2020 08:47:53 AM] repo-op.c(1900): Failed to copy block 878d58604d23230c0c2ce8a0295b65e51d7d6ae7 from repo 6a38da80-d655-446e-b805-3d84404f8769 to 1a459a3d-ea5c-48b2-b5b3-eeedf1462562.

Anybody with any hints?? :slight_smile:

Are you using the web interface? I would try using a client.

I am using the web client… I was trying to minimise the traffic flow if I can… I know Seafile does wonders to the link for partial updates and the like… but what about whole files??