Move SeaFile instance to another subdomain

Now that I have successfully migrated from Nextcloud, I want to take over the vacant subdomain that it used.

I suppose this should be accomplished by replacing the domain wherever it is mentioned through the Seafile configuration.

I have found the domain indicated in:

  • seadrive.conf
  • in the admin settings SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT
    …and of course in the sync apps.

Is there any other place I should look for? Anything else in the databases?

What files should absolutely be placed in the root of the new domain?

I will of course update the VirtualHost directives to reflect the needs of Seafile.

For those interested, this seems to have gone well on the server side, considered all of the above.

Despite my effort to change settings for the sync clients (using root on Android, and editing the Registry in Windows), there was no painless way to switch from one account to the other keeping the settings.The easiest way seems to just delete the accounts and redo.

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