Moving installation form windows Seafile server CE 6.0.7 o linux server CE 6.3.2


Could you please share a link to linux server CE 6.0.7, the only way to move the windows to linux installation is to move it to the same version, and the current latest versions are not the same, and databases differ.

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Download the same version for Linux from the archives, migrate and then do the updates step by step.


Thanks for your reply.

I was going for that option, but i cant find the old versions of linux ce files.
Could you please point me to the archives?

Thank you.

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@daniel.pan how can the community access older versions of Seafile server? The archive in bintray is not available anymore.

Thanks for asking that. Hope we get the answer soon.

Thanks again.

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If they should not have an archive available anymore I might be able to provide you older versions from my personal archive after my vacation.
@shoeper do you know where we can access older versions now?
The current download server?

@DerDanilo Thanks for your help, @shoeper published the links to the server version I was looking for.


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