Multi account at once?

I’m wondering if it’s possible in the client (windows) to sync from two account at once at the same time at the same login etc?

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

You can click on the profile picture to add another account and switch between your accounts (it’ll always list the libraries for the currently selected account, but can synchronize libraries from multiple accounts at the same time).



This is great seafile is the only client that can do this!

So just to bee clear, aldo I only see one of the accounts in the profile in the client both account that are added are syncing in the background at the same time?


You can also test it. Put a file in library of one of the accounts currently not selected in the client (e.g. click new -> file in the explorer). The tray icon should shortly show a sync icon and then switch back to synchronized. You can also always switch the current account using the menu e.g. to see all libraries of another account or to synchronize a new library.

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Thanks, I’ll try this out.
This is perfect as I want to sync the internal smb share and the users are accessing it trough smb shares inside the LAN and outside the use seafile

If the share is just mounted and synchronized with Seafile there will be an issue. When someone places a file on the share (or any other change) Seafile cannot detect the change. To mitigate this the client needs to be run on the SMB server or you have set a sync interval in the client.

It is a technical limitation.

My bad, I did miss to write that the client is on the server that are sharing it trough smb over the lan.