Multiple edits a file at the same time

So, let’s say I have one file, which is opened by 2 people. They open a local file and work on that.

  • After 10 minutes, for example, user A saves the file. So, it’s sync’ed to the server. Since then, the file in user B is already different than the latest update from user A.
  • After 20 minutes, user B saves his local file. So, his version is different than the original. Also different than the update from user A.

Then, the situation is that if not checking the history, I will lose all updates from user A.

Sometimes, if users save almost the same time, system creates conflict file, which also forces me to compare all releases of the file.

What is the best solution for multiple people working at the same time?

The file locking feature of the professional version tries to solve the problem automatically for office files (by stopping to users from editing the same file). Other files can be locked manually by the user. With the explorer extension enabled other users can see that the file is locked (and I think they can only open it read only).

Locking is the only thing I could think of. Other than that I could only think of editing the file within the browser (using Collabora Online), but I’m not sure if it is already supported that two users edit the same file (and it is limited to some file types as well).

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Only office can do that and it works perfectly fine. Even works with more than two users.

Thanks for your answers. However, I wanted to make sure that the locking feature is still working when a user opens a file, edits locally and then sync with Seafile client, not online editing?

Sorry, I don’t get the question.