Multiple local backend error (Seafile 8.0.11)

Hello, I have the following configuration:


enable_storage_classes = true
storage_classes_file = /opt/seafile/seafile_storage_classes.json

memcached_options = --SERVER= --POOL-MIN=10 --POOL-MAX=100


     "storage_id": "seafile_ub1",
     "name": "seafile-data_usb1",
     "is_default": false,
     "fs": {"backend": "fs", "dir": "/opt/seafile/seafile-data-usb1"},
     "commits": {"backend": "fs", "dir": "/opt/seafile/seafile-data-usb1"},
     "blocks": {"backend": "fs", "dir": "/opt/seafile/seafile-data-usb1"}
     "storage_id": "seafile_data_usb2",
     "name": "seafile-data1_usb2",
     "is_default": false,
     "fs": {"backend": "fs", "dir": "/opt/seafile/seafile-data-usb2"},
     "commits": {"backend": "fs", "dir": "/opt/seafile/seafile-data-usb2"},
     "blocks": {"backend": "fs", "dir": "/opt/seafile/seafile-data-usb2"}


Currently I have an SSD disk where Seafile runs and in the /opt/seafile/seafile-data directory I have a few libraries. I want to expand the storage and I have connected two external HDDs (USB1 and USB2).
With this configuration, I get this output:

** Message: 13:40:11.005: seafile-controller.c(932): loading seafdav config from /opt/seafile/conf/seafdav.conf

2021-10-16 13:40:11 …/common/seaf-utils.c(409): Use database Mysql
2021-10-16 13:40:11 …/common/obj-store.c(1250): Failed to load json file: /opt/seafile/seafile_storage_classes.json
2021-10-16 13:40:11 …/common/obj-store.c(114): [Object store] Failed to load backend for fs.
Error: failed to create ccnet session
failed to run “seaf-server -t” [65280]

However, if I remove one of the storages from the .jons file and leave only one, I have no problem. The only problem is that my current libraries are inaccessible (the ones I have in /opt/seafile/seafile-data)
Any observations?