mySQL or mariaDB?

Following my gut feeling I’d prefer mariaDB over mySQL but are there any official advices from the devs?

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Both can work properly with Seafile. But it seems Mariadb’s development is more active, so I’d recommend it. Furthermore, Mariadb supports Galera culster. If you have plans to use database cluster, you’d have to use Mariadb.


Thank you Jonathan! So I’ll go with mariaDB.

Will you start recommending MariaDB over MySQL in the manual soon? Do all commands for MySQL remain the same during the install if you use MariaDB? What about for troubleshooting and DB issues the repair tactics still remain the same?

The features Seafile uses are all compatible in Mariadb. You can use it as drop-in replacement to MySQL.

Server manual still speaks about mysql instead of maria. Should be updated in order to be consistent. I’ll go with mariadb for my new seafile-server.
Thanks for your great work!

Right now many users are still using MySQL. For Seafile, they’re completely interchangeable. So we would mention that MariaDB can be used, but not exclude MySQL.