Mysql or Postgresql?

Hello All, I just wanted to ask the question of what should I use PostgreSQL or MySQL? I am looking for reliable speed and in a small package.

Only MySQL/MariaDB and SQLite are now officially supported. So it’s suggested to use MySQL.

I suggest to use MariaDB as it has better Support in most distributions, a better license and is alltogether more caring about the end users. The MariaDB developers are also the original devs of MySQL.

@Jonathan: If MariaDB and MySQL differ once, will you rather support MySQL or MariaDB?


I would recommend MariaDB, which is also default when you install with our scripts.

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Perfect Answer.

Can anyone share the link where I can read exact difference between them?

Hi Shivam,
I am not able to put here link as per the forums rule, You can get some help from the net Blog panoply or hackr are the two best platform where you can get your answer better way.