Need Help whith Seafile on Docker

I am trying to deploy Seafile in docker and realise that the configurations files and sync files will stored in separated places.

How can i realise that? may be some one has the example of docker command or docker-compose file?

For example: The configuration files will be stored under /srv/AppData/Seafile An the Sync Data in folder /srv/Transfer/Seafile

I hope that anybody will have some advices.

The documentation touches on this a bit.

Do a google search for “seafile docker”
Click the first link (github)
Scroll down and click the link on this line: " If you plan to deploy seafile 7.0, you should refer to the Deploy Documentation"
Find the section " Download and modify docker-compose.yml"

In the example file there are two lines you have to modify, both “Volumes” options, pointing them to the appropriate location on the host.

Now that I can post links: