Need some help before going with Seafile

I’m new to Seafile, I have read the docs but I’m in a state of confusion. I’m building a tool which will be having these features:

User: Alpha
Computers: A, B and C (all machines run Linux OS)
Seafile server: Server X

All the computer are running a headless Linux OS and are located in different region.

The user Alpha creates an account on Server X. The user will be having multiple Linux computer (Headless).

The user maintains a file let’s say TODO List on every computer. He will be removing or adding entries from the file using different computer. Is it possible to automatically sync the TODO List file across three of his machines using Seafile?
In a similar manner there will be different users with same goals, with different storage quota. Is the seafile-cli is standalone package? I will be calling seafile-cli to sync from a bash script which will run a certain period of time.


Hi Happy,

seafile-cli is exactly the tool that you need for that purpose. With seafile-cli you can keep your TODO List in sync on all your headless computers. Important: on the seafile-server you dont need the seafile-cli.

What I would do:

  1. Install the seafile-cli on every working linux via the command line:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:seafile/seafile-client
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install seafile-cli
  1. Create a seafile-user on the seafile-server
  2. Create a library and save the Todo-List to that library (note the library id, you will need it for the sync)
  3. Initialise the synchronisation on all three linux computers
seaf-cli sync -l "the id of the library" -s  "the url + port of server" -d "the folder where the library will be synced with" -u "username on server" -p "password"

After that you can change your todo list or every thing else in the local folders and it will be synced automatically.

Best regards

Thanks for the reply. Does seafile-cli supports ARM architecture? If I want to modify the 'seafile-cli,haiwen/seafile/blob/master/app/seaf-cli` this is where I have to do it right? (Sorry I don’t have the permission to post links, it’s a github repo) Or compile it myself?

Hi Happy,
there is no official seafile-cli für ARM. But you could compile it by your own. Look here:

this looks like the official seafile-cli script.

Best regards

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