Network error on upload, url correct

So, i’m kinda spamming these forums with all my questions but my server is (almost) up and running. I’m, however, incapable of uploading any files to the webadmin. The screenshots provide my nginx setup, the service_url and the file_server_root and in my point of view these seem to be correct.

Any suggestions of what is wrong?
I’m getting the network error on upload.

screen1 screen2 screen3

I’m sorry for bumping my own post, but i’m hitting rock bottom here.

I tried installing again now with ports 41000 and 41001 but still the same.
Here is my port list.

That rewrite on /seafhttp location looks bit strange. Are you sure it works?
Double-check the documentation:

What response do you get when request

Also - nginx documentation recommends to use return with 301 HTTP code instead of rewrite for http to https redirection:

Thanks for your response!

I added the return, thanks for the tip.

Unfortunately, the gives me a blank page.

I used letsencrypt for the ssl so it might differ a bit from the documentation as given by your link but the fact that https does not raise any flags in my browser should assume that this part works, right?


I believe it does not have anything to do with the SSL. If the HTTPS does not raise any flags in browser, then yes, it means that SSL is working properly. But, if the response gives you blank page, then it means something does not work right. You should get the same answer when accessing it directly on (or in your case after your change) or on proxied URL.

This is response on my server:

~$ curl
{"version": 2}

It is hard to read from the screenshot, but I can see:

location /seafhttp {
    rewrite s/seafhttp(.*) -1 break;

and that does not look like correct regular expression to me - hence I recommended to double check the documentation on that rewrite.

Oh wauw,

I checked, checked, double checked and checked but once you do that too much you still start to miss things. Indeed this line was incorrect. Thank you very much!