New feature: department and group

it is impossible for us to revise our internal information system to meet the needs of automatic creation of organizational units (OU) in our LDAP directory.

we can however create our structure around project teams in the department part of seafile. Moreover we use the automatic synchronization of LDAP groups with seafile.

So is it possible, or is it conceivable to have a new feature to be able to add a seafile user group to a seafile department and not only users?

Thank you.
Pierre L.


I’m not sure that I was explicit enough in what I said.

the “department” feature of seafile is really interesting. Could it be possible to add a user group to a department or a sub-department?

Example: A big project has an internal project structure that it is not possible to integrate in an LDAP tree structure.

You can’t add a normal group to a department. You can only add sub-department to a department.

You can sync LDAP tree structure and add extra sub-departments.

yes, that’s why I’m asking for a new feature. :wink:

Thank you for your answer.