New release & security notifications

I have recently set up Seafile Pro to evaluate for our business. Firstly, I have to say that I’m impressed!

What we want is something that’s a “self-hosted Dropbox for business”. So something that’s fast, secure and simple. To my surprise, I found it very, very difficult to find something that offers this. There are many solutions out there, but they all seem to solve different problems. I evaluated ownCloud/Nextcloud… but they are a mess, over-complicated, and slow.

Seafile fits the bill. However, I have a couple of questions:

  1. How can I receive notifications of new releases and security issues? I would like a newsletter or feed that I can subscribe to so that I get instant notification.
  2. Where can I view bug history? I see this page on the wiki, but it’s out of date. Only 3 bugs in over 2 years? You guys are good, but not that good :wink: It makes me think you do not take security seriously if you do not document bugs of an open-source project.

And a couple of suggestions (they are constructive criticism :slight_smile:):

  1. To give you my impression as someone who is new to Seafile, but has a serious business interest in it: you really need to up the professionalism. For example, the level of English could be improved a lot. The purchasing process for new licenses is also very amateurish.
  2. The manual is not very technical - it gives examples of configs, but it does not list each variable and describe what it does, for example. Also, the manual should have a revision history and be kept more up-to-date, stating at the top of each page e.g. “This manual entry is valid for Seafile server version 6.0.0”.


I think Bugs are here

@1: Maybe not perfect, but you can subscribe the announcement category as rss-feed:


The changelog can be found here