New Zimbra plugin for Seafile Server

What happens if you integrate Seafile with a powerful collaboration software suite featuring a mail server, calendar and addressbook functions as well as a chat? You get a collaboration powerhouse! We proudly present the Seafile plugin for Zimbra!

The Seafile plugin for Zimbra (aka Seafile zimlet) integrates Seafile as a file backend into the collaboration software suite Zimbra. You can access files stored in Seafile, you can send sharing links, and archive emails or their attachments right in Seafile - all from Zimbra’s webclient. If you wish to switch to Seafile webinterface, there is a one-click-switch that places at the same point in Seahub.

For more info, please have a look at the English and German release notes.

We believe the Seafile zimlet is interesting for - at least - these four groups:

  • Organizations already running Seafile and Zimbra side-by-side
  • Administrators looking for a self-hosted alternative to G Suite and Office 365
  • ownCloud/Nextcloud users hesitant to switch to Seafile for its strict focus on files
  • All those missing calendar and addressbook sync in Seafile

The zimlet was released under GPL2 and developed by Barry de Graaff from Zeta Alliance on behalf of Seafile’s partner datamate. You can download it from GitHub.

Please download, test it and leave your comments right here!


I really love this.
Seafile and Zimbra is such a powerful combination.
I am looking forward to the first comments.

Haha, I am the first one to comment on my own post. Feels like I am talking to myself.

I found three things that should be improved. Both affect Seafile CE and PE, the third one just PE.
1.) Shared libraries are not labeled as such in the navigation.
2.) The permission level for shared libraries is not shown. The upload dialog just closes when uploading a file in a read-only library, no error message.
3.) Department libraries (libraries to which a user has access due to a department membership) are not labeled as such in the navigation.

(Why wasn’t the zimlet tested more thoroughly before the release :wink: )

does file upload work in your installation ?

Hi @christophdb @rdb

Good news !

I have one principal issue :

“Specifically, the zimlet uses WebDAV commands for all operations on files and folders and API calls for library-level operations. It also uses Seafile’s API to generate links and to implement the one-click switch.”

Webdav does not work with SAML into seafile.

Using webDav means using a password in seafile.

But we do not use seafile passwords (just SAML, as many universities in France and Germany)…

Only advanced users can get their seafile passwords and integrate it into Zimbra.

Do users need to use two passwords (seafile and webdav) for this zimlet ?

Thank you for this Zimlet and all the work you make around seafile.

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It does.

Do you happen to try to upload into a shared library with read only permission? When I do this, it seems to work, but the file just does not pop up in the file list - so consistent with the permission, inconsistent with the feedback from the web interface.

no and it works if I try it with a normal webdav client …

Do you want to enable experimental LibreOffice document preview (odt,ods,odp) and document conversion from Office and EML files to PDF (tested on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04)? y/N:

Do you want to deploy to /opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/_dev ?
If you have trouble or are unsure, choose Y. Y/n:

Do you want to install public link sharing?
If you use a WebDAV server that is not ownCloud or Nextcloud choose n.
If you have trouble or are unsure, choose Y. Y/n:

I don’t see any errors during installation …

and there is the configuration for the user:


This is my configuration

Hi Mr. Auburtin,
no you don’t need two passwords. Usually a user has one login for seafile that is valid for “web, apps, api and webdav”.
SAML is something different. I am quite sure the seafile zimlet will not work right now with SAML. We will see if we can find a solution for that with one of the next developments.

Best regards

Thanks for that, it came just at the right time :slight_smile:

Installation worked fine for me, but then I wanted to set some defaults, like owncloud_zimlet_server_name and owncloud_zimlet_server_path (latter should ideally be set to /seafdav by the installation script. But somehow the values are not being picked up.

I tried clearing the zimlet cache and restarting mailboxd, but seems still to not be in effect. Any suggestions?

Ok, I realised that I needed to run the commands that the installer wrote out to make the changes take effect. Thanks for the good plugin.

I do wish it would be possible to have the view/edit pane on the bottom though. Not everyone has FullHD or their browser window on 100% all the time.


Hi @christophdb

Having a look at user prefences, you will find a Webdav password.

Thank you for your efforts.

The problem is enforced by the fact tha we do not log on Zimbra with SAML but with local Zimbra password. But if the user is logged on seafile with SAML, it should work with your enhancements.



I have successfully installed&set-up the zimlets and main functions properly work.

At the moment, I have found the following three issues:

  1. "Go to SeaFile" button does not work: clicking on the button results in opening a new page in the browser with URL “about:blank”

  2. Help cannot be closed: Opening the Seafile tab, the right pane contains the Help of the Zimlet. If I try to close the pane (Close button on the top right) nothing is done

  3. Send link(s) does’t work: Opened the Seafile tab, selected a file, right clicked on it, selected the option Send link(s), clicked OK (no psw, no date): it results in the error message “Could not create share”

May you support on it?
Especially the 3rd feature is critical/useful.

Thanks and regards
Giulio Ferretti