No images thumbnails


New here. Just installed Seafile with Docker on a Debian 12 machine. Went through configuration, I can upload, looks like everything is in place. I can view and create folders and files.

However, I have no thumbnail generation for images whatsoever. Also, if I click on an image (which in thumbnail mode only shows a generic icon), I get the message “The image could no be loaded”. In list most I can open it just fine.

All this is in the web client only. I haven’t yet tried file sync or desktop clients.

I’ve tried looking for solutions on this forum but wasn’t sure about where to look in my server’s file system. In my /opt directory I have:


All containing several subfolders with many log files.

Thank you for your help.

EDIT: this is actually only the case in encrypted libraries. A feature request has been submitted 3 years ago on this forum, with no feedback.