No mods, no support, no stability, whats good about it again?

I don’t think he is a sysadmin at all. Sounds more like middle management. He “fires eggheads like me” that give solid advice on how to properly roll out new software in an environment. :slight_smile:

im so done with this board, the program, and its sloppy code, btw i worked in an OS2 NOC for those who know what that is!

Bye! Good luck!


I’m sure that you are using SeaDrive which is labeled as BETA. Seafile server and standard client working for my 3 companies more then 4 years (on different HW). Only problems we have wit SeaDrive client which as I said is labeled as BETA and is pretty new.

Seafile rocks

Runs stable in our small office since Version 2 (how many years are that?!?) always going from one major release upgrade to the next one without any issues and without requirement for a fresh install.
I don’t know anything comparable out there.

Users between 10-20.

All OS (mobile and desktop).

If there are issues, then for me Daniel, Shoeper, DerDanilo and many others were of a lot of help (sorry if I did not mention someone).
Feature requests in seafile iOS client were implemented.

Could not be happier with an Open Source Software and learned a lot during the time of administrating Seafile.


It’s funny to see how windows “admins” struggle with linux-first projects like these.

I’ve been using seafile for 3 years and I never had any problems with the server, or the sync client. I don’t think the product is the problem here.


Wow I understand frustration but . . .

If I understand this post sounds line only one computer has issues and all the others are working. Seems to me like something is up with that one computer.

I’m not a rocket scientists but I would begin by trying to answer

  • Why is it only this computer
  • What is different about this computer
  • Did the end user install any software that may be causing the issue
  • If all the other computers are working then its gotta be something on this computer

A seasoned IT person should know this

I have Seafile at home and a test server at work. They don’t get extensive usage (especially at work) but they both seem to work fine.I recently tried the beta map a drive thingie (on a virtual machine) and that seemed to work OK too

I’m honestly pleased with seafile. I just have to get a handle on how to back it up or export the data (for backup) so I can import the data (on fresh install) if and when I get bigger drives

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Backup and restore is easy. I posted a basic script for this.

Will update it to support rsnapshots in future though. Don’t know when though.

The restore script works fine. I will publish it together with the community manual.

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SeaFile has worked great for me. The documentation is clear and easy to understand. The initial server installation and configuration under Linux was simple. Client installation on both Linux and Windows desktops was even easier. I have upgraded both the server and clients to new versions multiple times without problems. I use the system every day to sync files that are very important to me between computers and have found the system to be absolutely reliable (I haven’t lost a single file in a couple years of heavy daily use).

As to the code being sloppy, I am a software developer and the code doesn’t look sloppy to me. I find it easy to read and understand.

As to support, you have no basis to complain about something you didn’t pay for. Furthermore, I scan forum posts here occasionally to keep myself up-to-date and know the developers routinely provide good free help to people who ask for it politely. In fact, even though you were extremely rude and insulting, they still tried to help.

Given your attitude, it will be better for you to not try to install and run your own system.